Local Points of Interest

Local Points of Interest

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Local Points of Interest

The Granum Old Jail and Museum is located at 138 Lansdowne Street, right next to the Veteran’s Memorial Park.  The
 building has utilized in many different ways, but what it is best known for is being the Town’s Jail. Now its purpose is to share the history of the community.   The museum is open the middle of May to the end of September, every Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 4pm.


Granum’s cenotaph is located on the corner of Lansdowne and 1st Avenue right next door to the Old Jail & Museum.   View the lists of names from the Granum area of those who fought in the first and second world wars.  Some returned and some did not.  You may find the name of a relative or family friend.   Every November 11th, Memorial Day, there is a gathering at the Drop-In Center, a parade to the   Park, and a somber service honouring those who risked their lives for our freedom.


The Granum Cemetery is well known for having the grave outside the actual cemetery.
The grave outside the Granum Cemetery is that of Mary Fitzpatrick, born Sept, 1865 and passed away April 16, 1908. The stone reads “Beloved wife of E.R. Chugg".  Mary was the daughter of William Debursey Fitzpatrick and Maria Colbert who came to Canada, to the now Gatineau area in Quebec, from Ireland in the early 1800.  Mary and Ebenezer R. Chugg were married in 1894, and in April of 1903 they and their 4 children:  Nellie, Edna, Everett and Lila left for Leavings.  Memories of Nellie (Chugg) Lang:  “In April 1907, our sister Lila died.  She had been sick a week; then her appendix ruptured.   She was laid to rest in a corner of Mr. R. Laughton’s field where there were no graves.  There wasn't a cemetery at this time.  

"Then, in 1908, Mama passed away at the age of 42 years.  She was the first one laid in the new Granum cemetery.  This was not properly surveyed yet, so her grave can be seen still, just outside of the cemetery.”  The new cemetery.  This was not properly surveyed yet, so her grave can be seen still, just outside of the cemetery.”  (Leavings by Trail, Granum by Rail)

Hwy 520 is a gravel road that will take you from the prairies and over the Porcupine Hills to the base of the Rocky Mountains.  You take Hwy 2 North for 17 km to Hwy 520 and head west.  When you get to the top you will enjoy an incredible vistas of the Rockies to the West and the Prairies to the East.


Museum of the NWMP and First Nations Interpretive Centre & Musical Ride
Just 25 km south of Granum the Fort Museum is a must see.


One of the oldest and best preserved buffalo jumps in the world, this archaeological sites is only 26 km south and west of Granum.